About Indeepop

Summer days are here. That’s why maryjane.ru decided to make up a collection of t-shirts which is called MJ High. Indeepop.com studio took part in this project. They made two unique designs. The main characters of this summer (from our point of view) are the cute rabbits. They’re gonna be eating carrots, watching TV and stroking little kittens. And it’s so great to lay in the sun with them. And this t also glitters wonderfully! You want to have such one for yourself? Then hurry up! And if you like sushi the brown t is right for you. Put it on when you’ll go on a date. Probably he’ll find out that he must bring you to that japanese restaurant ;)And remember! The quantity is limited!

Get a little part of Indeepop! Only this summer!
Hey! Have you already noticed? We are sure, you already have that kind of feeling. Or you haven’t been outside yet?
Spring is there. There is something special in the air. We feel things changing. We feel, that it’s right time for getting a bit better, for smiling and walking. Of course, in the springtime Indeepop’s changing too. Cause everything gets brighter, everything gets way more colourful.

Feel springtime with Indeepop!
On the 14th of February the whole world celebrates St. Valentine’s day. This is a wonderful, bright and happy holiday! You are in love? We are very glad 🙂 Cause there is nothing what’s better than love. And if you didn’t decide to tell about your feelings yet, this is a right day when you can freely say about what you feel! It isn’t hard to do at all. Sometimes a simple postcard means much more than words. But must likely you will not limit yourself with valentine picture-card 🙂

Indeepop.com prepared a nice surprise for you. Especially for St. Valentine’s day we created a toy-collection, which is called 14/4. We tried to do our best for your beloved people. But there are only 4 toys. Hurry up! Make your nearest and dearest feel happiness!

Indeepop loves you 🙂
Especially on the 14th of February! Especially for St. Valentine’s day Indeepop.com created a toy-collection, which consists of only 4 toys. This are 4 little funny creatures, and they dream to meet you 🙂
Dear visitors of wonderful world of Indeepop!

We are very happy to congratulate you with Happy New Year 🙂 One more year comes to an end. We hope that it has brought you many pleasant days, many wonderful events and that it will leave after itself only joyful memories.

Probably, we also were able to make you smile. And that would be just fine if we meet you more often in following year :)We’ll try to do our best for this purpose. Indeepop will open up the door to the world of imagination more widely, you will get acquainted with its inhabitants closer, will take a walk on bright lawns, admire bright rainbows, chat with Jboy and feed little hares with carrot. And the most pleasant thing is that we will make you glad with new cute little things. Each of our visitors has a chance to get a little part of Indeepop. Because we love you very much 🙂 Just love us back :))

Joki.ru and Indeepop.com created a fun-collection “Multi Vinillo” together. It consists of 5 designs. All pictures are bright and sunny 🙂 Limited edition! Hurry up! 🙂 Stuff: glossy vinyl, inside -limpid vynil chloride. Are very convenient and practical in use. We hope, that this things make you feel pleasure and happiness and will always bring you only positive emotions! And the most important thing is that this stuff you can find only here 🙂 Get a little piece of the sun by Indeepop and Joki.

This collection includes 3 different objects:
a purse
a passport-cover
a studentbook-cover